Hyderabad, Jan 23 :

ASP  Suneetha Reddy and CI Mallikarjun Reddy Illict Affair:

Sunitha Reddy, a directly recruited DSP of 2007 batch,

In a case of an extramarital affair, Sunitha Reddy the ASP, with the Anti-Corruption Bureau was caught red-handed with a CI Mallikarjun Reddy at a Indu Apartment by her husband Surendra Reddy Monday.“Along with Reddy, his mother-in-law, elder sister and a few other friends went to the flat. They came around at 11.30 pm but couldn’t find anybody. Again, they came back around 2.30 am and found the CI,” Parents of the ASP officer then dragged the CI out of the house and thrashed him with footwear.

Surender Reddy said that he knew about his wife’s affair but was waiting for the right occasion to catch her red-handed. He had followed his wife to the KPHB colony on Monday.

Madhapur Deputy Commissioner of Police Vishwa Prasad said the woman police officer, D. Sunitha Reddy, an Additional Superintendent of Police with the ACB, had married Surender Reddy in 2010. However, for the past two years, the couple had disputes with Reddy accusing the officer of having an illegal affair with Kalwakurthy Circle Inspector Y Mallikarjun Reddy.

“She met Mallikarjun Reddy during an investigation in 2015. Since then, they were moving very closely. Suspecting her behaviour, I checked her mobile phone and based on the conversations in WhatsApp and Messenger, I came to know that they were having an affair,” Surender Reddy told the police.

The DCP said the complainant was not staying with his wife for the past 15 days. On Sunday, he was tipped off by the security guard of the apartment where their flat was, stating that both the CI and the woman officer were there.

While the husband hasn’t lodged any formal complaint with the KPHB police, he has alleged that Mallikharjun Reddy is planning to eliminate him. “Even though I knew about their affair and was ready to leave my wife, I was determined to show the world how these respected officers are behaving behind closed doors,” he said.


ఐనప్పటికీ వారిద్దరిలో మార్పు రాలేదు. ఇద్దరూ తరుచూ రాత్రివేళల్లో కలుసుకుంటూ వుండటాన్ని ఏఎస్పీ భర్త తరపు బంధువులు గమనించి విషయాన్ని అతడికి చేరవేశారు. దానితో ఆదివారం నాడు పక్క ప్రణాళికతో ఇద్దరినీ రెడ్ హ్యాండెడ్ గా పట్టుకున్నారు. దీనిపై కేసు నమోదు చేసిన సంగతి తెలిసిందే.
ఇదిలావుంటే మల్లికార్జున రెడ్డి మరో వాదన చేస్తున్నారు. ఏఎస్పీ అధికారిణి విడాకులకు అప్లై చేశారనీ, విడాకులు రాగానే తామిద్దరం పెళ్లి చేసుకోనున్నామని చెపుతున్నారు. ఆమెతో గత ఐదేళ్లుగా తనకు పరిచయం కూడా వున్నదని అతడు చెప్పడం గమనార్హం. మరి మల్లికార్జున రెడ్డి మాటలపై పైఅధికారులు ఎలా స్పందిస్తారో చూడాలి.
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