India’s First Cash less Cancer Hospital

Imran Hashmi Launches Cashless Cancer hospital:

Bangloor based couple Mr. Vijay Tata and Mrs. Amrita Tata, launched NEW INDIA, NGO.this is a self funded NGO and invested 200 crores in this project.the investment is not for profits .the investment is for cashless cancer treatment.The initiative is a part of a newly launched NGO called New India by a Banglore-based couple. It was the couple’s dream to launch this NGO. The couple has invested Rs 200 crore.

emraan hashmi

The NGO is not yet started its operations.And what’s even more promising is to see Emraan Hashmi extend his support to the cause.The launch event of NEW INDIA was held in Bengaluru and it was inaugurated by Bollywood actor Mr. Emraan Hashmi. As many of you may be aware, Mr. Hashmi’s son Ayaan was diagnosed with cancer when he was just 3 years old.“I have very closely seen the pain which cancer patients and their family goes through. NEW INDIA’s initiative to create new hope for poor cancer patients is worth appreciating and I am glad that individuals like Mr. Vijay Tata and Mrs. Amrita Tata are coming forward to take this novel step.”




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