Modi and Rahul’s Twitter followers are fake

60% Of PM Modi’s Twitter Followers Are Fake:

Yes, the headline is right.Modi having 60% of the fake followers.This means he has actual 40% followers are real.Rest of all Don’t know how they are may be a digital marketing trick to show the high number of followers on Twitter.

The followers on twitter can describe you how much your famous, Twitter is not only for becoming famous but also we can discuss the issues and interact the people directly by a small tweet.

According to the Twiplomacy Modi having 60% of the Fake followers. Twiplomacy claimed that 24,799,527 out of Modi’s 40,993,053 followers are authentic ones while 16,191,426 are fake ones.

Rahul Too Has 36 Lakh Fake Followers:

Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi too having 36 Lack Followers on Twitter.Rahul  Gandhi’s official twitter handle has 3,696,460 fake followers and 1,715,634 credible ones.

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