Reason Behind Sridevi’s Sudden Death

Accidental Drowning Is the Reason behind the Death of SRIDEVI:

The Sudden Death Of  Veteran Actress Sridevi has shaken the Indian film industry.While earlier reports mentioned that the actress succumbed to a cardiac arrest, the autopsy report released by the Dubai Forensic Department says she passed away due to “accidental drowning.”

Forensic pathologists found nothing suspicious about the manner in which Sridevi died The procedures to release the body of a person who didn’t die in hospital, is, naturally, more complicated the person who died is from abroad, the process to release their mortal remains can take even longer

Investigation Procedure In Dubai:

According to the media, they two kinds of procedures for dead cause investigation.

  • if a person there dies in hospital, the cause of death is known and the procedure to release the body is quick.
  • if a death occurs outside a hospital, even a natural death, police have to be informed and they will investigate the death after they first register a case
  • In case a body has to be sent overseas for cremation, there are, naturally, even more, official steps to be taken, said the journalist Vasudeva Rao.
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